Wednesday, May 16, 2007

TBTB Again

Ten days without a post from Keefieboy. Did you miss me?

Once again, the reason is that I have been very busy. I've been finishing off a massive e-commerce project for a company in Los Angeles that for various reasons has taken just over a year to get together. The other reason for my busyness is: Keefieboy has started writing a novel! I may be making a big mistake here by telling you about it. I'll look a right wally when I abandon it halfway through. Or when I do finish it but can't find an agent and publisher. Or it gets published and sells ten copies.

Virtually every website I've read about novel-writing says things like 'go ahead and do it if you want to, but don't expect to earn serious money from it.' But the first 10,000 words are embedded in silicon (only 90,000 to go!) and BetterArf has read it and assures me that it is as good as if not better than many other examples in its genre (comic fantasy). And I know she wouldn't lie to me!

Here's the Prologue:

This is a story about the land-locked island of Xanadu-du. Some say it is located in sub-Saharan Africa, interwoven with the nation of Mali. Others say you’re more likely to find it somewhere between the fifth and twenty-eighth dimensions, at any time between say, a week last Tuesday and five million years hence.

The people of Xanadu-du come from all over the world. Yes, this world, the one we call Earth. A few of the people were actually born in Xanadu-du, and if it was a real country they would have a Xanadu-du-ian passport. But of course, it’s not a real country, so they don’t. What they do have is a great capacity for arguing, and a hell of a lot of elephant manure. Which is odd really, because they don’t have that many actual elephants.

Visit to find out where this nonsense comes from.

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