Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back On The Road Again

A few months ago my shiny red Beemer decided it didn't want to play any more: it just wouldn't bluddi start. It would start with a jump from another vehicle, but the battery refused to hold a charge. I doubted that the solution would be as simple and cheap as a new battery, and I was right. Cash has been very tight for the last few months - most of what came in went straight back out again for rubbish like office rent, trade licence and apartment rent (all of which ultimately goes to Sheikh Mo, and he obviously needs it more than I do).

But finances improved a few weeks ago and I entrusted the car to the capable hands of the mechanics. They told me it needed a new air flow meter. Wikipedia tells me this is a gadget that measures how much air is whizzing through the engine so it can figure out how much petrol to squirt into it. Must be a wonderful piece of kit because it costs not much short of dhs 4,000. It took a bit over a week to arrive from Germany, and then the garage told me about a few other things that needed attention. I explained that money is not one of my core components, so they re-worked their quote using generic parts. It still adds up to a small fortune, but I guess that's part of the joy of car ownership.

So I collected it this morning, had a minor heart attack at the size of the bill, and then drove it across the road to Tasjeel because the registration had lapsed while it was off the road. Amazingly I had no fines to pay, but I did have to renew the insurance. Even though this was not due until next month, your insurance has to be valid for at least three months for the car to be registered. Don’t ask me why. So, some serious wallet damage, but at least I won't be placing my life at the mercy of overworked, overtired, overstressed, undertrained taxi drivers any more.

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