Saturday, April 07, 2007

That Iran Thing

I've been a bit too busy to comment on the kidnapping of 15 British sailors and Marines by the Iranian Government, but I think Ahmedinejad just proved that he is not someone who can be trusted, or who has any kind of clue about how Westerners think.

I know quite a few Iranians here in Dubai and they are without exception lovely people, but I guess they are the smart ones who had the means to escape from the craziness of their current government. They certainly do not behave anything like the crackpot Ahmedinejad, the ladies do not cover themselves up, and all in all they are perfectly normal people who enjoy a beer and a good time.

I've not seen the movie '300' either, but I do believe that Persia/Iran has a stupendous history and culture, and what is happening there now is a complete travesty.

Occasionally you see articles in the press about why it is almost impossible to negotiate with Iranians. They are obsessed by face (this is important in most Eastern cultures too - loss of face is about the worst thing that can happen to you, short of actually dying). Whereas Westerners might suffer from a bit of pride, they can also admit that they have been wrong without dying of shame. It's a big, big difference. So an Iranian negotiator considers that you have already lost face by the simple reason that you are willing to negotiate. Bare-faced lies are also crucial to the art of negotiation.

The parading of the captives making forced 'confessions' on TV was disgusting. What has now been released about how they were actually treated is vile. Ahmedinejad's statement that they were being pardoned as a 'gift to the British people' was ludicrous, and today's demand for a bit of goodwill - help to get 5 Iranians held by the US released - from Iran's UK Ambassador is just one prod too much. I'll be surprised if he's not on a plane home by the end of the week.

Incidentally, Betterarf reckons the Brits would have been released a few days earlier, but the tailors that were hired to make the appallingly bad grey suits that the Brits were sent home in were all on holiday for NowRooz.

Happy Easter y'all.

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Blogger Asya said...

there was a poll on gulf news recently with the question: who do you think came as a winner out of the story with the sailors?
most people seemed to think it's iran. that's a bit scary if residents in the uae really think so.

2:12 am  
Blogger BuJ said...

Hey dude.. I don't drink beer but I enjoy a good time, does it make me half normal? hehe

Jokes aside, I believe it has ended well, which is amazing considering what the Iranian Gov. is not capable of in terms of diplomacy, etc.

To be honest if I had access to Blair's ear I would have suggested that he refrain from lambasting Iran on the news and work on allowing the UK ambassador in Tehran to prove he deserves his salary.

The tabloids will always do their bit, but doubt many Iranians read them. Surely the military can keep a secret for 2 weeks?

They are like a big baby just looking for some love. They will cry their eyes out (but they aren't sick physically) and they will deafen you eventually. However, if you carry this baby and give him a few hugs you will find that he will quickly calm down.

1:32 pm  
Blogger Omair said...

What would you rather be a British / American soilder captured by Iranians or an Iranian soilder captured by British / Americans?

Obviously you rather not be any one of them but if you had to choose.


9:10 am  

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