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I had a very pleasant lunch with a client of mine a few days ago, and he suggested that they would use ***mex (well-known MidEast courier company) to deliver a CD of stuff to me for the project we are working on. I must have done a big-time cringe, or fallen off my chair, because everyone around the table looked a bit startled by my reaction to the name.

I have blogged about this company previously:

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And today I came across this post:


Which reminded me of a phone call I had maybe four or five months ago from a salesman from ***mex. He wanted my company to sign up for a contract. I think I really spoiled his day. I told him that having been on the receiving end of their service, I would not wish to inflict that on anyone I was sending stuff to - actually what I think I said was 'I would rather die than give money to ***mex'.

He wanted to know more so I told him. Then he started begging a bit, offering free stuff and extra discount. I explained that they could be as brilliant as they liked collecting stuff from me, and I have no doubt that they can do that rather wonderfully because that's where their money comes from, but if they insist on bothering the recipient for idiotic requests for location (when it is clearly written on the package, and especially if they have delivered to that address previously) and lying about when it will be delivered, I will not sign up for that. I want people to be pleased to receive stuff from me, not to feel harassed.

Foo. I felt really really sorry for the guy calling me, really I did. Really. But hey, until ***mex gets its act together on the delivery side (oh and they've only had 24 years to get things organised), I will get out my barge-pole and not touch them with it.



Blogger marwan said...

My short'n'snappy Aramex Tale Of Woe(TM):

We had to ship a $6k laptop to Azerbaijan through Aramex. Documentation done, Insurance paid for, everything good.

Except the customer never receieved it.

Two years later, they still haven't found it and even insist that we should compensate the customer, because 'their insurance doesn't cover expensive items'. Which nullifies the point of insurance, you fuckwits.

4:38 am  
Blogger moryarti said...

Keef.. Fadi Ghandour's mobile number is posted on Hala's blog - why don't you give him a buzz?

10:28 pm  
Blogger Rambling Hal said...

I wish someone WOULD give the number a buzz, just so I can get some peace of mind and know once and for all if this is someone's idea of a joke, or really him! And because there's a chance it might really be him, I can't find the guts to try the number myself.

however....RELIEF! Others have also suffered on the hands of Aramex, have spoken up before me, and are continuing to do so.

Thank you for the solidarity! ;)

10:43 pm  
Blogger halfmanhalfbeer said...

Keefie: congrats on your Gulf News appearance yesterday. They even got the word 'crap' in there which I thought was brilliant!


12:35 pm  
Blogger secretdubai said...

I've had a relatively good experience with Aramex, through their Shop & Ship service. It's great getting email alerts when there is something in my mailbox.

So far - touch wood - they haven't lost anything. The only fuck up was when I had to pay VAT on something, and the London lot just didn't bother to tell me. I spent several days freaking out the item had been stolen (a bank holiday there and a Middle East weekend here didn't help - it basically wiped out Thursday to Monday), and after calling and calling I eventually found out about the VAT and that they needed confirmation that I was willing to pay it. But apart from that communications breakdown, they have been quite good so far.

10:38 pm  
Blogger sawadjaan u. jul said...

well sending any items / things by Aramex forwarder is really regretful. Suggesting look other forwarder.

we ship some personal effects such as cellphone, uniform from Aramex Jeddah to out daughter in Al-baha, and to our surprised it never reached her.

What more if its an international shipment?

they lost our trust. there will be no more next time with them. Think twice, before you patronize with Aramex.

7:14 am  

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