Monday, October 02, 2006

Etisalat's Annual Broadband Satisfaction Survey

No doubt you lucky lucky beoble who live in the UAE and are hostages of Etisalat will have been invited to do their annual 'Hostage Satisfaction Survey'. And you've probably thought 'I can't be bothered - the questions are always phrased so that whatever you say makes it look like you actually like Etisalat'. That's what I thought, but then I had a look at it and I have to say it's better than previous years; your options are no longer limited to a range of 'quite good' through to 'excellent', they now have a ten-point scale that goes from 'terrible' to 'outstanding' or words to that effect. And there are free-text boxes dotted around where you can write an essay telling them how great or how crap you think they are.

I was a bit stumped on the satisfaction rating for the proxy though: the question is 'How IMPORTANT the following network and other related aspects for an Internet service are to you?...Internet Filtering/ Content Blocking (feature by which the ISP blocks certain websites)' and the answer options go from 'not important at all' to 'extremely important' - it's very hard to answer that when what you want to say is '99% of censorship is immoral and a contravention of basic human rights so please go burn your damned proxy'.

And it was interesting to see a number of questions asking about the possibility that you may be thinking of switching to an alternative supplier.

Etisalat - this survey is a brave but hopelessly belated attempt at pretending that you give a damn what your hostages think. But you already know that you've lost the vast majority of your hostage base even before the new operator starts operations. You have acted as smug and callous monopolists for as long as I have lived in this country. You have bled us dry.

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Blogger halfmanhalfbeer said...

Morning Keefie. Loved the post, but really, you shouldn't hold back. Don't sugar coat it, tell us what you really think!

8:58 am  
Blogger Herlock Sholmes said...

I have had, over the past couple of months, the opportunity to interact with Du hihger management.

I am not impressed. While they have competent people, they are overwhelmed by the task and are completely lost as to where to start.

du, will kick Etisalat's butt, but it will take 3 years, at least. Sorry, you are stuck with Etisalat for a while more

10:33 am  
Blogger Seabee said...

I deleted the survey e-mail (by mistake, honest) but I do remember that the first panel you had to fill in was your e-mail address.

So they know who you are and where you live keefieboy, be careful!

5:58 pm  
Blogger Keefieboy said...

Seabee: I don't think I've done anything wrong - merely stated my opinion!

6:09 pm  
Blogger samuraisam said...


Had to deal with their staff via the phone today. Suicide seems like a more entertaining option to getting my internet broberly working

7:34 pm  
Blogger Seabee said...

Hmmmm, stated your opinion of Etisacrap, you say keefieboy. I assume you mean honest opinion - and I'm sure that could get you into trouble....

5:36 pm  

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