Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spaced Out

Look. You know about this Authonomy website for aspiring writers, yes? I'm on it, and so is Alexander McNabb, Mr Fake Plastic Souks. He's a great writer, and he's got this really great, outrageously funny book called Space. For the last two or three weeks it has been in the Top 5 of the Editor's Desk. This means you get a proper review from a HarperCollins editor, and maybe even a publishing contract. But only if you're in the Top 5 at midnight tomorrow (31st Oct).

Here's the thing: Space has just slipped down to number 6. So, all you literaties, glitteraties and arty-farties, get along to, and have a read. If you like it (and how could you not?),  do a very quick sign-up and put it on your bookshelf (the link that says 'Back The Book').

While you're at it, you could do the same thing for Tybalt & Theo, by a slightly more modest author.

Thank youse.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Me New Book

I mentioned Authonomy in my last post. A couple of weeks ago, I started a new novel, Tybalt & Theo. I've uploaded the first six chapters to Authonomy, and had loads of brilliant comments from members of the site. You can read the book sample and the comments here. But if you can't be bothered to do that, here's a selection of comments:

You're right. It's funny. It is very ,very funny indeed! It's a terrific idea but that doesn't matter doodlesquat if the writer louses it up which you certainly don't. 

My comments are - eggy, eggy eggy! That means fantastic, by the way.
- Zoeb

Great start. Instantly reminded me of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Blackadder, which is good on both accounts.
- The Real Nick

Thanks for making me laugh...It's a great farce...I can't fault it.
- Richard P-S

Laughing like a veritable drain and looking forward to more.
- Max Brandt

Now this, I loved... I adore the quick back-and-forth between Tybalt in the 21st century and Theo in the past...SO many gems, like "Crap, he hadn't got caught up in one of those time-travelling larks, had he?" and " it wasn't properly rotted," made me laugh out loud... This is one that I expect to see in print. Funny!
-Melissa Conway

I think you have a lovely feel for dialogue. Have you tried any scriptwriting, I wonder?
- DeniseJane

Overall, I really liked this. You've taken on a huge task with the seventeenth century dialogue, but my, it works. Love the plot, the situations the two protags find themselves in...Stuff that made me laugh out aloud:
"….Thee Papist bastards wilt have thy grunions around thy necke afore thee canst say--"
"In-vest-meant wanker…" 
Great fun and I'll be back for more.
- Diane Oliver

Great start in a style which lets readers know there's not likely to be much messing about. Great, mate, will add more as and when I get through a little more, cheers.
- Josh Rogan

...I chuckled my butt off consistently all the way through [to] chapter 6, not only is this entertaining, but I think it should prove popular too!). We zip along merrily from scene to scene, with just enough description given for the purposes of mockery, and just enough characterization for the same. 

I thought the fake, unbelievably agrammatical Elizabethan was very funny. I mean, you're not even TRYING to make it remotely real -- "drefs" is a purely VISUAL joke, not even an auditory one!
- Kate Kasserman

This is a very funny book. Trust me, I read it. Or most of it. I'll read the rest very soon. So original, Keef. And with a few prescient..or pressy ant.... lines...e.g. Investment banker...'No, what thou dost is steal from thee poor'... Bliss.
- Scott Kenny

Brilliant, sharp, witty, with a touch of Blackadder for those who like it.
- Maria Golubeva

I really like this one - being a history graduate I usually hate historical novels and especially anything where people try and use the speech of the time, but this is very funny, and the plot idea is particularly unusual.
- Sheila

Funny and witty in equal measure. Grunions, indeed!
- Peter Booth

 Love the fast pace and funny commentary/dialogue. An enjoyable read already in the first few paragraphs.
- Dave King

Hi Keef - this is great fun and I am going to bookshelf it. The premise is hilarious and I have to say the opening section is eeeeerily prescient, aside from being hilarious.
- Robin Duff

Okay, that was hilarious. You made me laugh more than once. Especially the part about forgetting to tell Theo his task. Elizabethan sarcasm is ten times funnier, for some reason.

I'm really intrigued at the hints that Theo may not be the only time-traveller in Elizabethan England (am I reading that right?). Nice, job Keefieboy. I wish I had it now, to find out Theo's role in the new Gunpowder Plot.
- S.F. Winser

This is a great idea. I loved the switches in time and Tybalt's introduction to (presumably) McDonald's. 
A brilliantly funny read.
- Berni Stevens

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