Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel Attacks Aid Convoy

Early this morning, the Israeli Defence Force boarded one of six ships carrying humanitarian aid from Turkey to Gaza and killed at least 10, possibly 19 unarmed activists. This happened about 50 miles offshore, in international waters. By any reckoning, that's an act of war. And yet, there is hardly any international condemnation (half a dozen ambassadors called in for a slap on the wrists), and the silence from the US has been deafening.

Israel behaves more like the rogue state it is with every passing day. Arab states continue to prevaricate and tremble at the knees, while the US not only refuses to condemn Israel's actions, but actively enables them with billions of dollars of aid every year. I would have expected Obama to take a very firm line with Israel, but it seems he's lost his bottle.

Had the Israeli government sat down and brainstormed what was the worst, most revolting, sickening and disgusting thing they could do, I doubt they could have dreamt up anything to beat murdering a dozen or so peace campaigners whose sole aim was to bring some relief to the Palestinians. I am sure that most Israelis are fundamentally decent people, but that cannot be said for their leadership. Human decency features nowhere on their agenda.

Will no-one stop these bastards?

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Blogger Stroogle el Ödmjukhet said...

I completely agree with you. Never have I fathomed how a 22,000 square kilometer nation can exercise terrorism and massacre without the world raising an eyebrow. What is it that makes Israel so special?! I have no sympathy for the theological context and neither have I ever harbored a strong opinion on the subject. However, in the last few years it has become insane. Like many other matters, the whole philosophy of peace and humanity is a farce. It is yet another value that nations are taught without meaningful practice. The world is a very different place from what we are taught it should be. Peace, humanity, honesty are values in thin air that are not compatible with human nature. The US is out to establish a democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan while its unruly pet in the Middle East walls a nation into a corner and massacres people to address their own paranoia based on their version of a sky daddy. Israel’s foreign policy is irrational, inhuman, unacceptable and based on redundant ideas which in any other part of the world would be termed incompatible with the modern way of life.

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