Thursday, March 16, 2006

Friends Dis-United

Ever been to It's a brilliant site that has a massive database of who was at what school / college / university / workplace at what time. I've used it in the past and got in touch with people I thought I'd lost touch with forever. Guess what?

Etisalat have blocked it! Now what on earth is all that about. What moronic, brainless, idiotic, pathetic arrogance is our wonderful ISP up to now? Tell you what, I'll undergo the pain of using their website and try to get an answer.

Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Two minutes later, I've clicked on the Feedback link, and now I'm staring in disbelief at a form that expects me to give my username and password over an unsecure connection! OK, I'll try the telephone thing.

UPDATE: After ten minutes in call-centre hell, a real bloke answered the phone. After spending a few more minutes trying to get him to grasp the speelin of friendsreunited, he gave up, and asked me to send an email to So I have, but I'm not expecting to get a reply anytime this century. I asked the guy how his application for a job with du was going, and he just laughed.

UPDATE: Just received an automated reply. My case number is a bit over 2.6 million - I really hope these case numbers are not sequential! And guess what - to find out if they've done anything about it, I have to go to their website and login with my account name and password. And it's still not a secure link. Bloody hell.

UPDATE: thanks to Jin, who has just spoken with Etisalat about this: it's classified as a 'dating' site, and is therefore incompatible blah-de-blah. This is the height of idiocy from Etisalat, Keefieboy's offence level is: VERY OFFENDED.

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