Monday, February 13, 2006

Flight of the Phoenix

Eeeeh, I don't know. Our local video shop (make that DVD shop - there ain't no tape in that place) does a special deal if you rent something on a Monday. Only Dhs 6. Cool.

Now, BetterArf's normally in charge of this, because she understands technology and I don't. She came home from work this afternoon and mentioned that we had 2 DVDs that needed to go back or we'd be charged for another week's rental. We'd only actually watched one of them. I volunteered to take them back and she said 'get some more'.

OK. So I'm in the vid shop, looking for a couple of movies. We've seen a lot of them, but I pick out two likely suspects. I take them to the desk and he says 'look, these are the display copies, you have to take the ones behind them on the shelf'. Shit, I didn't know. And then he says 'they're both due back tomorrow'. Ah, well I'll just take one then.

And the one that I took was 'Flight of the Phoenix'. The recent remake and probable box-office flop.

I kind of remember the original which I'd seen on telly when I was maybe 11. Even though it was in black'n'white and had old-fashioned actors in it, I thought it was brilliant (actually it was made in 1965, in colour). A kind of memory of it has stuck with me to this day, even though I only saw it the one time. I remember it being really exciting and full of suspense and totally triumphant at the end when they get the thing off the ground.

And that was made in The Olden Days. Without computer graphics and that. So imagine how great it could be as a modern remake.




The remake is complete and utter poo. The characters are less than one-dimensional, the script sucks, the entire thing is a total waste of time. There isn't a single person in this film who makes you care about them. Ekkk. Will they live or will they die? Don't care.

So I'll take it back tomorrow, and I won't rewind it.