Sunday, October 23, 2005

Trying to Make Beer

Feeble Libations in KSAFeeble Libations in KSA
I decided that one of the ways I might be able to ease the pain was to try making beer. I had noticed that the shops sell lots of Barbican (de-alcoholised beer) and I’d asked BetterArf to research methods of re-alcoholising it. Apart from the Barbican, the shops also sold one-litre bottles of red grape juice that had the kind of resealable cap you get on Grolsch bottles.

So I took to buying a couple of bottles of grape juice a day and pouring it down the sink. And I got me a case of Barbican, some sugar and some yeast, a small plastic waste bin, and set about turning water into wine. I mean turning no-alcohol beer into the real thing. Actually I might be lying about the yeast, I think that might be something you cannot buy off the shelf. I seem to remember spaghetti contained enough yeast to do the job. Anyhoo, I placed the concoction in my wardrobe, and waited. I made sure I locked my bedroom whenever I went out, because the tea-boy would occasionally come in and pretend to clean the apartment.

Ten days later it looked like the fermentation had stopped and I set about bottling the stuff. This proved to be a bit tricky because I couldn’t get any plastic tubing to use as a siphon and I had to make a funnel out of mylar sheet.

Finally, the beer was ready, and I gave it a good old test one Thursday evening. It tasted vile and I had an atrocious hangover the next, but it did the job!


Blogger Garthicus said...

Congrats, I've been there anddone that, we were a bit more inventive though as we have access to different countires from week to week. We made sure my friend was scheduled on the German flights where he made sure to buy the finest brewers yeast and beer making oddities! 15 days later we had Dubai's finest pilsener ready. Now, what to call it? Bur Dubai Beer? Sharjah Stout? It works like a charm and tastes as good as the piss they sell in Rock Bottom.

As they say about us Irish, if it wasn;t for Guinness, the Irish would have taken over the world.

7:10 pm  
Blogger Deepak Morris said...

I wish I'd known you then. I'd have pointed you out to some of the master brewers, who were making the best of gin and beer out there.

They'd have helped you gin and beer it :-)


9:50 pm  
Blogger Keefieboy said...


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