Friday, May 20, 2005

The Blog It Is A-Changing

Well, just a tweak really. I used to have the TrueFresco referrers script on the blog. I've been quite keen to get rid of this because
a) I don't think it is accurate, and
b) they banned my site some time ago, claiming it was an adult site and I should be paying for the service. Their response to my emails was truly offensive (along the lines of 'if you don't like, $#@& off').

I could have written my own referrers script, but really I've just been too busy. So now I have installed a similar script from BlogTricks. If it works I will pay them the $10 to get rid of the little advert that appears under the referrers list.

In case you have no clue what I'm talking about, 'referrers' are the web addresses of people visiting your site. It's very useful for me to have this information.

Sometime soon I think I will move away from Blogger. We are working on a couple of projects that include a custom-made blogging engine for individual clients. We've developed some pretty cool features for this, including a far superior method of posting and viewing messages. When these projects are finished (and if we can find some time), I intend to use this code for my own blog. And if any Blogger execs are reading this, I don't have anything against Blogger, in fact I think it's excellent. But I do think it is suffering from its own success. The server is frequently clogged and inaccessible, meaning that I cannot always blog when I want to, and there are other things missing from the basic offering that should be there.

In fact I've just had a Eureka moment - not gonna tell you what it is yet, but watch this space...