Monday, November 26, 2007

Sudanese Muslim Offence Level: Rising

The New York Times reports that a British junior school teacher is in jail in Khartoum. Her crime? Offending the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). It's not reported whether the Prophet has been in touch with anyone to explain about his offendedness, but you know what these Gods and Prophets are like. They never call. They're not even on Facebook.

What actually happened was that the teacher brought a teddy bear into class for a project with the seven-year-old kids. First job: name the bear. 20 out of 23 kids chose Muhammed from a list of eight names.

I don't get this. Really I don't. Why is it considered offensive to give this name to a warm, cuddly toy that kids of all ages love? Is it projecting the wrong image of the Prophet? Would it be ok to name a ferocious warrior toy after Him? And why is it ok for many thousands of men, some of whom have IQs appoaching zero, to be named after him? How is an educated non-Muslim supposed to know what the rules are (answer to last question: you're not - the rules are made up as we go along). And why is everyone assuming that the bear is named after the Prophet - I believe the caretaker at that school is called Muhammed and everyone really likes him.

Once more, Islamic hardliners are making their religion look ridiculous. How sad.

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Blogger ~ Ms. Cute Pants ~ said...

Oh for the Love of ...! What is unfortunate is that the Christian religion is made fun of everyday. Christ is offended at every corner yet no one's jailed on this side of the world! It's just a teddy bear....Sheesh!

8:29 am  
Blogger Seabee said...

It really is the most mind-boggling stupidity isn't it. Wanna give a religion a bad rap - boy, this is a great way to do it. All over the world there'll be millions of people saying 'see, I told you that's what they were like'. And hot on the heels of the Saudi rape victim being sentenced to 200 lashes and jail.

There are suggestions this one is all a personal vendetta - Teddy was re-named some time ago and only recently has the teacher been hauled off. She's apparently in custody while the police decide whether to charge her.

I'm also confused about the use of the holy name - it must be the most common name amongst Muslim men. Is it because it's been given to an inanimate object? A possible idol? You can call a man, regardless of his character,Mohammed but children can't give the name to their toy. Anyone got a clue?

5:49 pm  
Blogger john said...

It is not just the stupid teddy bear, it is everything about Muslims and their hate and violence. Wherever these people go, they take their anger and violence with them - and lies, and willingness to blame everything on anybody but themselves or Islam.

There are lots of murderers and terrorists named MOhammad, and Muslims are not offended.

It is not a misunderstanding of culture and tradition. Hate is all these people have. It gives their lives meaning. It is the core of their religion. It is taught in the Quran, in case you haven't noticed. It is preached in the mosques and schools.

Quit making excuses.

J. Kactuz

3:19 am  

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