Friday, April 14, 2006

Spot The Difference

Keefieboy is always pleased when his drivel turns up in the press. Especially when it gets sanitized out of all recognition. Today's Emirates Today contains snippets of his rantette about Emirates Post:

“ The UAE has a peculiar idea of how to run a postal service. They don’t actually deliver to your door. This is a major blow to the customers because they have to rent a PO Box for an annual fee of Dh300, and they have to go to their box every now and again to pick up their mail. Needless to say, this is seriously inconvenient for customers, so what most people do is use the PO Box of their workplace.

"Today’s Emirates Today carries a report of Emirates Post planning to crack down on this practice. An Emirates Post spokesman said: ‘The personal mail of hundreds of employees causes a lot of confusion, while sorting out the company mail takes time. .’ Well no, Emirates Post spokesman, that’s disingenuous information. The internal sorting of company mail is none of your business. The… real reason for this… idea is that you want hundreds of thousands of residents to give you Dh300 every year, so you can bump up your revenues ahead of your impending ” privatisation.

Now read the original.


Blogger secretdubai said...

Yes - this is kind of irking me. Either it's fit to print, or it's not. They could at least put: "Edited excerpts from this week's blogs" or something to make it clear that it isn't us verbatim.

Sometimes it even changes the sense of the point one is trying to get across. I blogged on "fat Arab men" smoking at Arab health, despite No Smoking signs everywhere, and the fact they were on cancer hospital stands etc.

This was changed to "fat men" smoking. But the point was that they weren't American men or Spanish men or Singaporean men or Nigerian men: they were Arab men. Because it's still considered acceptable in this country to smoke in front of other people: including children, the elderly; at any time, and even in a work situation. Whereas it most definitely is not considered acceptable to do that in most European countries anymore.

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