Thursday, April 20, 2006

Beemer/Bimmer/Bummer Update

You'll have noticed that things have been somewhat quiet on the Bummer front, and probably assumed everything was tickety-boo. Well, not quite. The last thing that went wrong with it was that the electrically-operated central-locking and windows packed up. Two of the windows were half-open at the time. Three days before we went to Jordan in December, I took it to a garage for a service and to get this fixed. Two days later, they had not got the parts (I think we're just talking about fuses or relays here), so I asked them to just get the damn windows shut and give me the car back. This they did, quite hurriedly, and it obviously involved removing various door panels and then sticking them back on with Sellotape. Not a neat job, but it kept the cats out while we were away.

Since we got back, I haven't got around to having it fixed properly. About a month ago, we had gone somewhere in Dubai, and parked the car out in the open. When we got back to it, it was screamingly hot, so I whacked the A/C on full. Pop! went the fuse for the A/C circuit.

So now we have a car whose windows won't open and whose air-conditioning doesn't work. And also its registration is due. This is obviously going to take about a week to get fixed, and, as I explained in my previous post, if I'm TBTB, I'm also TBTGPAWGACR (Too Busy To Go Pissing Around With Garages And Car Registration).

It never rains but it pours. Oh, and when it pours, the roof lets in water, as I discovered when we took it to a car wash, and when we had the recent deluge. So it looks like once the Bummer is fixed, I'll be selling it. Any offers? It's a really good car, really, nothing wrong with it. Only half a dozen careless owners, a million miles on the clock, falling to bits. But the engine and gearbox are fab.

I should be a car salesman yes?