Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Treo Update

So, I spoke to the shop, and they referred me to the distributor. Distributor asked for the IMEI number (this is a number that uniquely identifies every mobile device on the planet) and said 'it's not one of ours'. Back to the shop. Aah, the other distributor. I call the other distributor and after the usual endless music-on-hold-passed-from-pillar-to-post ritual, I speak to the right person. I explain the problem, and she says 'oh, that always happens'. Hmmm. 'Can you fix it?' I ask, naïvely. 'No sir', she says 'we have to send it to the Czech Republic, and they will send a replacement. After 20 days'.

Resisting the urge to go ballistic I ask her if it wouldn't be a good idea for them to keep a stock of replacements. She says they do try to, but they've run out and they ordered another five three weeks ago but they've had no response and they don't know what's going on. So, I say 'have you got any 600s?'. And she says 'yes we have lots'. So I say 'let me have one of those while the 650 is on its holiday'. 'No sir, not allowed to do that' is the reply.

Aaaargh. What a ridiculous situation and a pathetic way to run an 'after-sales service' (not the distributor - Palmone itself).

A bit later the mobile rings. I answer it and say 'I can hear you, but my phone's broken so you can't hear me'. 'Oh no, I can hear you fine!' says the bod on the other end. This is possibly worse than a completely dead phone, because with an intermittent problem you can just bet that every time I take it to the service centre it will work.

Technology. I hate it.


Anonymous Mohamed Elzubeir said...

Ah.. I know this problem ;) I have a now-dead Palm Tungsten W. The little lid in the back that keeps the SIM card broke, so I went to get it fixed. Same exact story you went through.. and I mean EXACT same story (including the IMEI issue).

My solution was that I asked them to order it for me while I held on to my tungsten. They were nice enough to accommodate. Of course, a few months later, while trying to upgrade the ROM the power get disconnected and the device went dead. Never had time to go get it fixed (and the warranty has expired by now of course).

I never liked the Tungsten W's phone functionality. It's bulky and wasn't really designed as a phone -- more like a PDA where they threw in a phone at the last minute. Nice PDA, crappy phone.

The Treo looks sexy.. but the after-sales is horrible and I know it. If it's not a Nokia, you can't expect much in that department. There just aren't enough people using those non-nokia phones/smart-phones/etc. Shame, really.

9:25 pm  
Anonymous Daddy-in-law said...

I am begining to look askance at my basic tungsten E if all these flashing lights do anything modern upto date Mac Hinnies break down so dramaticaly.
however when one get past fortynine and three quarters age wise like what I am does it matter as I am well versed in pen and paper
keep strugling on Keefieboy

3:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keefie, you HAVE to read this from Johnny B this morning. It is HILARIOUS


1:49 pm  

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