Monday, June 13, 2005

Lose, Lose, Lose

An article in today's Gulf News exposes a cunning plan by the management of the Emirates Towers complex to starve most of the people who work there to death by taxation. They have imposed a parking fee of Dhs 10 an hour. To put this in perspective, there is no other paid parking in Dubai that costs more than Dhs 2 per hour. This parking fee is totally outrageous for anyone working in the Office Tower - Dhs 90 a day for say 25 days a month comes to Dhs 2,250! Whether you earn Dhs 4,000 a month or Dhs 20,000, this is a significant chunk out of your income.

The logic of this move, according to the ET management, is that shoppers visiting the Boulevard cannot find parking space. My personal opinion is that at Dhs 10 per hour, I wouldn't even think about going there. The Boulevard has never been my kind of place, though - it's stuffed with boutiques and jewellers and not much else.

The result of this ill-thought-out move is that people who work in the Office Tower are now parking on some green areas around the buildings - thereby destroying some pretty landscaping. No doubt the authorities will quickly put a stop this practice by installing concrete barriers across the entrances.

And I am sure that shoppers will also stay away in droves during the day - preferring to visit after 7 p.m. when there is no charge. So the end result will be a whole bunch of covered parking spaces that no one will use because they do not want to be ripped off. The lawns around the Towers will be wrecked. ET management loses goodwill, Boulevard shops lose customers and revenue, companies in the office tower will eventually lose staff when they find jobs at other locations where they can park without being robbed of a major chunk of their income. It's a lose-lose-lose situation, the worst possible outcome for all concerned parties.

I'll let you know when ET management comes to its senses (I'll give them a fortnight).