Saturday, February 12, 2005

Don't Meet the Fockers

BetterArf wanted to see it, there was nothing else on at the right time, so we Met the Fockers. BetterArf lurved it, I didn't. Apparently it's a sequel to 'Meet the Parents'. I've never seen that movie, but BetterArf has, and she thought it was lousy - she obviously wanted to give it a second chance, to see if it had improved.

Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand were outstanding in it - they really made a meal of the meagre bits of script they were given. But I found the level of humour to be a combination of crass and gross. Maybe I'm getting old, but poop gags, fart gags and numerous lines like 'you are a stupid Focker' just don't do it for me anymore. If they ever did. It reminded me of Austin Powers 3 (which I suspect may have had the same producer or director, but I can't be bothered to check right now). And the baby's first words are 'ass-hooooole' Ach. Yuck.

I was also a bit uncomfortable about the rating of the thing - I would have put it at no less than 15, but we had an auditorium containing several young ladies who were clearly less than 15. And there were audible gasps at some of the more risque gags/poops/farts/bonks (little dog bonks everything). Sheesh, I don't know. Just a lousy film, in my opinion (no, it's not humble, this is my blog, and I'll tell it like what I see it).

I was intrigued though, to find that my normally hyper-intelligent, brainy, gorgeous and cuddly missus actually liked this drivel. I decided to check out some web reviews (I don't know if you can get it where you are, but we have this thing called the interweb - it's like TV that you read). is usually a good source for movie reviews. They collect lots of reviews and pronounce whether the movie is good or bad. MtF scored 39% bad. I could be an optimist and say 'hey, this movie's reviews were 61% positive!'.

Yeah, right. It was funny in parts. Parts of it were even funny.