Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Pub Quiz

As you all know, we are almost in Saudi Arabia, so the possibility that we could attend a pub quiz must be slim.

Our local club has a Quiz every Wednesday. We like to have a go, but have not won anything for several years. But tonight, WE WON! Outrageous, unbelievable and stuff like that.

The club has been through three quizmasters while we've been going there. The first guy had been doing it forever. He was a bit contemptful (is that a word?) of his audience, and very predictable in the format and type of questions he would ask. One week we did the quiz, and realised that he was repeating the questions from the previous week. The irony is that we didn't remember the answers from the previous week, and so we didn't win.

Anyway, that guy departed these shores eighteen months ago, and the club hired a replacement who was a complete revelation. The new guy would have different categories of questions each week, he would award random prizes for various things, he introduced the idea of the 'joker' round which you could select for a topic you felt you would do well in, and score double points, and also the 'wipeout round' where if you got one question wrong, you lost your entire score for that round. Very slick, a bit scary but very entertaining.

But after the summer break the genius did not get a new contract - apparently he was wanting more money than the club wanted to pay. So now we have a well-meaning and cute guy who is actually a member of the club, as quizmaster. He's not as much fun as the last bloke, and isn't attracting the crowds that the previous chap was drawing in. As an example, the previous guy would typically have 15-20 teams. With the new guy, tonight there were 8 or 9.

But the new guy is quite wonderful, because he asked questions that we could answer. And there wasn't a sports round (our sports knowledge is slim, to say the least). I have to say I did not expect us to win at all, especially after the penultimate round. By that stage we were maybe 10 points in the lead, but 3 teams were playing their joker on the final round, and could have overtaken us easily. But they didn't, and we finished up maintaining our 10 point lead. Stonkin!

We walked away with a voucher worth a free night out (five dirhams more than what we paid for food and drink tonight - not to be sneezed at really).

Our team fluctuates from a core of me and the missis, with an occasional other couple. Our team name also changes, to conceal our talent from the opposition. In the past we have been 'The Fridge Magnates', 'Juan Albert Tatlock' (when I've had to start alone due to late arrival of the rest of the team - there's only one Albert Tatlock...), 'And The Winners Are...' and 'The Table With the Green Ashtray'. Tonight we were 'Tired And Emotional'. Noelle was tired (almost comatose), and I was emotional, especially when we won.