Friday, September 17, 2004

Cooking with Death-Rays

Hello Blog,

We treated ourselves to a new toy last week, a combination microwave/grill/convection oven. I haven't really had a chance to do much with it since it took over the kitchen, but today being Friday (think 'Sunday' on the rest of the planet), I'm cooking the traditional roast dinner. I'm using the new toy to do a chunk of roast lamb, and then I'm going to put it through its paces doing Yorkshire Puddings.

I used to be able to make a mean, well-risen and crunchy YP, but you really need an oven that works properly. One that can actually reach the right temperature to pull it off. Ever since we moved to Dubai, we've lived in a variety of apartments where the cooking gear was part of the deal and usually not up to the job. Since moving to our present flat, the cooker is our own, but we were broke when we moved in so had to buy a very cheap one. The hob is OK, but the oven is utterly useless. My attempts at doing YPs in it always turned out to be Yorkshire Biscuits - the things wouldn't rise, no matter what I did.

We've also been without an effective grill with the current oven. There is a feeble gas jobbie in the top of the oven, but its heat output is practically zero. And we never bothered to replace our last microwave when it popped its magnetron (it was only ever used for defrosting and reheating).

Anyway, I know you can't bear the suspense. I've tested the new machine twice with cheese on toast - flying colours both times. I've defrosted something in it, and I've cooked some ribs in it. All very splendid. Now I must attend to the kitchen, but I'll let you know how we get on...

Took the meat out a while ago (still possibly too pink for anyone but me eat), and put the YPs in. Just checked them and they're all a good centimetre above the edge of the tray! So the new toy is declared a total success.