Wednesday, October 20, 2004

New websites

It has been one of those ridiculous weeks where I've been so busy working I've just had no time to think about anything else. At the end of last week we launched two websites for the same client; Naser Collection and John Ford Plastics. We also created an Arabic version of the Naser Collection site which will be launched as soon as the translator has checked everything.

One of my favourite camels from last year's Camel Caravan in Dubai
This week we've been going crazy with the Abu Dhabi Camel Caravan and Celebration of the Arabian Horse. Both of these are for a company called Artworks, who organise these public art projects. The projects involve artists painting their designs on life-size fiberglass camels or horses. The camels are then placed on the streets for the duration of the projects, and eventually auctioned off to the highest bidder. The Camel Caravan that happened in Dubai last year raised about US$ 1.3 million for chidren and arts charities in the final auction!

Next week we expect to launch a site for Emirates International Endurance Village, which is all to do with equestrian endurance races. And we just got the final nod on the Marine Atlas of Abu Dhabi CD, which is basically the entire written content of a book, plus videos and interactive maps. So that will go into manufacture next week, and we will then start on the Arabic version. We seem to be having a bit of an animal theme season in the work that we do. Odd.

And I've been so busy that I forgot it's my birthday today! Mind you, when you get to my age you can forget almost anything with no effort whatsoever. And my age is? Forty seven. I've been thinking I was 47 for about the last three years, but now it's true!