Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gulf News Puts Foot In It

Five days ago the normally sensible and respectable Gulf News published this article about the threat of closure of a women's shelter in Dubai. No names were mentioned, but as the only shelter of its type is the one run by Sharla Mussabeh, folks naturally assumed that that was the one being talked about. As it happens, fellow blogger Chevygirl is a friend of Sharla, and they spoke on the phone. Sharla has received no such threats of closure or eviction.

Two days ago Emirates Evening Post picked up the story and featured a front-page interview with Sharla.

So now you have the history. Gulf News appears to have published a hugely biased and completely inaccurate article that has no basis in fact. Today they published a letter from the owner of the villa that Sharla uses, who states she has had no contact from any authorities regarding the villa. Strangely, this letter and GN's reply do not appear on their website. However, GN did post a little reply to the letter pointing out that no names were named, so how does the owner of the villa know they were talking about her?

Gulf News. What on earth are you playing at? If there is another shelter in Dubai similar to Sharla's then please tell us about it. This is disingenuous tosh of the highest order and does not represent the standard of reporting we expect from Gulf News.




Blogger samuraisam said...

Gulf News quite commonly make sweeping generalizations with little or no evidence. Nothing new.

2:32 pm  
Blogger Axonsax said...

"This is disingenuous tosh of the highest order and does not represent the standard of reporting we expect from Gulf News."

For the risk of turning this into a Pantomime.......


2:49 pm  
Blogger CG said...

Sam, I agree with you about their sweeping generalizations, but this was not one. This is the result of angry people (no guesses required) who have a few contacts and get these articles to go to press. Every day Sharla has to deal with these people who attempt to sabatoge her hard work. On the day of that GN outburst she lost 2 very important benefactors, since they assumed that the papers would not print something unless it was true, plus she failed in her mission to rescue some children who were being whisked out of the country by their father to another land, probably never to be seen by their mother again.

Usually it is only very rude bloggers or bimbos
in red cabriolets who can manage to piss me off so bad, but this tme GN got my goat real bad.

2:56 pm  
Blogger desertblog said...

Axonsax, you said it before I did!

4:23 pm  
Blogger Seabee said...

It's why I never write the word 'journalist' without it being in quotes.

5:48 pm  
Blogger archer14 said...

"standard of reporting"..Complete oxymorons, Keefie!
Anyway, I'm really excited at their sniper attack yesterday at Welcare hospital. Page 1 says that 'a leading hospital'. Page 9 or something has a pic of the boy, along with which hospital he's been admitted to. hehe....
It's time for Welcare to be Oasis centere'd!

12:17 am  

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