Saturday, December 03, 2005

Mystic Jack Hits Back

If you are a fan of The Religious Policeman, you will no doubt be aware of one of his commenters, a holier-than-anybody American 'revert' to Islam named Jack, whose writings would be worthy of a very worthy thing, if only I could think of the right word.

In a recent (Nov 29) discussion of the possibility of Saudi ladies working as nurses, Jack says:

If young women view male genitals, they obviously will be distracted from their duties. How much self-evidentiary information does the reader require to reach sane conclusions? I have no doubt that male infants will be required to wear a small cover of sorts when being treated by these nurses and grown men will not be treated by these women.

and then he strays off-topic a bit...

Speaking of bodily fluids, I note that Mr. Al Hamedi is not commenting on the 26 transgressors recently rounded up by UAE authorities for dressing like women and attempting to marry each other as men. There are rumors going around that a national day of shame may have to be declared in UAE over this wicked affair. And, I have it on very good authority that those girl-men who were dressed like women and desiring fornication with men will have to be stoned to set an example. Before the cries of barbarism and human rights violations descend to the heavens, the readers are well advised that the stoning will not be televised...

I really wish Jack had a blog of his own, he is soooo entertaining. I have previously suggested to Al Hamedi (the RP himself) that he had invented Jack to bump up his readership, but Mr A denies it.

I sit corrected: as of December 1st Mystic Jack has started his own blog: Strangely he claims to be located in Uzbekistan. Nevertheless, this is going to be FUN! My day is made!