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Secret Dubai is back, and has started a thread on aromas which has somehow veered off into the various merits / demerits of sheesha. Offspring is a bit of a sheesha nut, and has been totally deprived of it since moving to London. He had asked us to bring one of his pipes when we went over in the summer. This we duly did, but the next problem was getting hold of decent charcoal and the flavoured tobacco.

I'm not really into sheesha myself, so the technology is all a bit beyond me. Offspring had got some double apple baccy from somewhere, but wandering around Walthamstow yielded no charcoal. He ended up buying a few kilos of barbecue briquettes from Sainsbury's and we spent a happy afternoon almost burning the house down. His basic plan seemed to be to burn some of this stuff in an aluminium tray in the garden, and then hammer the glowing embers into chunks small enough to fit into the pipe.

No, it didn't work.

A few days later we were in Camden, and he found a shop that sold all the bits, including charcoal. It was staggeringly expensive, but we bought a little bit. A week or two after that we went to Spain. Enquiries about sheesha cafes in Valencia didn't amount to much, but we did learn that there is one in a far-distant suburb. We had more luck in Barcelona, in a dodgy-looking bar in a dodgy-looking alley off La Ramblas, a sheesha was had.

So if any of my readers can offer useful info on where to get sheesha charcoal and tobacco in London, Barcelona and Valencia, your advice will be appreciated!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a shop in Peckham which specialises in Arabic fare. They have the baccy and self lighting coals. I don't think it is too expensive. No idea of shop name, sorry. Come out Peckham Rye station, turn left onto Rye Lane, go down to T-Junction with Peckham High Street, left again and it's a couple hundred metres on the left

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Blogger Deepak Morris said...

Here ya go, Keefie:

Online shop selling sheesha pipes, tobacco and yes, CHARCOAL:

About the most comprehensive list of Sheesha Bars (with maps)in London:

Hey! Did you know you can smoke Sheesha at the London School of Economics? They even have free Shisha/Sheesha from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. every Thursday. Cool.


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Blogger kaya said...

Edgeware road and Balham/Tooting Bec.
Can't give you any shops names, Sorry.
But my cousin loves sheesha and has his own at home. Many evenings this summer we have sat on the balcony watching the rain, listening to Barry White and Norah Jones and had a solid time. I love sheesha and the smell. Want to get one at home but Hubby dearest wont allow it. Says stale sheesha smell is nasty, cant agree but dare not disobey!!( yes all u free liberated chicks get your hackles up at the word "disobey".

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