Friday, September 09, 2005

Taxi Tips

Inspired by this post on Desrt Idleness, I offer my own observations on tipping taxi drivers. My basic principle is that I will tip about 10% to good, safe drivers.

I will not tip drivers who pretend to have no change and kind of assume that the tip is theirs by right. I will never tip drivers who think they can manouevre a car round tight corners with only one hand on the wheel. Nor the ones who drive too fast and too close to other vehicles - they usually get rewarded by a question-and-answer session on stopping distances.

The ones who only wear their seatbelt when going onto the highway are also not getting a tip. Just like their colleagues who use their mobile phone without a hands-free.

Tough old sod I am.

But I made one guy's day recently when I told him to keep the change from a Dhs 20 note for a Dhs 14 fare.

'?!', he says.

'You're a very good driver - you earned it'.


Blogger Nash said...

Two more like you and the world will be a safer place..

Nice blog..

6:18 pm  
Blogger secretdubai said...

I always tip cabbies, because I feel sorry for them at how little they earn. Usually ten per cent, but never less than Dh5.

The issue I have is with the fuel pump attendants. The problem is that most people are mean, but I'm not. The other day the pump stopped flowing at Dh59 (would have been Dh39 a week ago!) so I thought great, he'll be getting Dh6 as I planned to give him Dh5 anyway.

Then the stupid guy gave the pump an extra squeeze, clearly thinking he was more likely to get the Dh4 change from Dh65 in notes, as opposed to Dh1 from Dh60 in notes. Well he did, but he would have got more if it wasn't for that stupid squeeze.

Even Dh5 isn't that high, very often I give them Dh10.

7:07 pm  
Blogger Dubai Media Observer said...

Tipping taxi drivers is an almost random act for me. If I'm in a good mood and the taxi has been responsible, etc. then I do tip. I don't have a specific 5% 10% thing. It could be anything. I don't think I've tipped more than 10 Dhs. though.

If I'm taking a taxi, it's usually because my car is in the garage and I'm on a tight budget ;)

As for the pump guys.. dunno.. I think I would rather get rid of them and pump my own gas. Don't feel comfortable with someone not bothering to wait for me to turn off my car to open up my fuel tank and stick the nozzle in. I usually just give them whatever the change comes out to be.

8:36 pm  
Blogger redstar said...

I follow your rules as well Keefieboy. I particularly hate it when they pretend not to have change or seem to think a tip is theirs by default.

I also give the petrol pumpers spare change.

8:43 pm  

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