Saturday, March 19, 2005

What Happened to the Weekend?

Just to confuse all you folks who think the weekend is Saturday / Sunday, we've already finished our Thursday / Friday weekend. It's now 4.30 am on Saturday, and I was woken by heavy rain making its way through the partly-open bedroom window, and now I can't get back to sleep. Dang. So a little catch-up blog is in order.

As you no doubt know, Thursday was St Patrick's Day, and where better to celebrate it than the Irish Village (and no, I'm not sponsored by them, but maybe I should be). They had an 'all-day' music-fest featuring several bands, headlined by Aslan, Irish dancers, a bouncy castle for the grown-ups and all the Guinness you could afford. Actually it started at 3pm and went on until late (3am likely, but us old sensible folk had wimped out and gone home by then). The only crap thing was that the food buffet was not included in the ticket price, and they were charging an outrageous amount for it. But hey, everybody's rich in Dubai, so it doesn't really matter.

Oh, and I had another encounter with Luigi on Thursday morning. Or it might have been his brother - different car, different location, possibly a different bloke altogether. But he screeched to a halt as I was walking in Media City, wound down his window and said 'European?'. To which I replied 'Jackets?' and he said 'No, suits!'. Ciao baby.

Friday morning, up bright and early to read the last 30 pages of Dark Tower 5. Yay, 7 days!

Friday afternoon, a visit to the Boat Show. All very splendid if you like looking at great big lumps of floating fibreglass and big engines.

I've started reading 'Watching the English' by Kate Fox. Ouch. We English are so dodgy - all that reserve, all those secret rules about not talking to people. All that irony.

And my blog is nearly famous.