Thursday, December 16, 2004

Too Busy to Blog

Nay lad, I'm never too busy to blog. Sometimes I just forget.

The last week has been particularly hectic though - BetterArf's school show has been on. She directed it and supplied most of the props. I always know that when there's a show on, if I can't find a certain thing at home I'll probably see it on stage somewhere.

Yesterday we saw Offspring off on his solo trip to England, did a spot of Christmas shopping at Deira City Centre ( a huge and very busy mall), then went to see the school choir doing a short concert. Then we were supposed to go see Tap Dogs in Creekside Park. But by 7 p.m. we were both too knackered to move, so we went home. We have a Tap Dogs video so I know what we missed.

Tonight we are going to see the Dubai College production of 'Little Shop of Horrors'. BetterArf has this idea that she wants to go see Joaquin Cortes (fusion flamenco dancer) at Media City after that, but I've got this other notion that it costs too much and we'll both be too knackered to move.

There are various events scheduled for the next week, one of which is a mince-pies, mulled-wine and carol-singing evening at our place if you want to come. Offspring returns to Dubai at 5.30 a.m. on Christmas Day, so he might see Santa as he flies over Europe (but then again, he's 17, so he probably won't be able to).

And of course, I've had to do a bit of work in between times. I've also been doing my company renewal, which involves me filling in millions of legal forms and giving massive amounts of money to Media City. And because this is the third anniversary of my business in Media City, my residence visa has expired and nobody realised until a few days ago. So I've had to pay overstay fines (25 dirhams a day) and other fees that weren't in the budget. Aaargh!