Friday, December 03, 2004

Our son the superstar

Offspring grinning in foreground, team in background. Nice kit eh!
Well hey, Offspring has been playing rugby at Dubai Exiles for several years. He's always wanted to play in the Rugby 7s, and thought he was in with a really good chance this year. However, because of his age, he is at the lowest end of being eligible for Under-19s, and too old for Under-16s. Hmmm. So at the last minute, he didn't get picked, but was told he might be able to play for any of the visiting teams that needed an extra body. But our baby is not one to give up without a fight, and when we moseyed along to the first day of the 7s, we found him just about to trot out onto the pitch as Captain of a scratch team that he'd got together as Exiles 2 (to replace Doha 2 who hadn't shown up). He'd organised the strip, got full player passes for all the players, and was as pleased as Punch.

They lost in a fairly dignified way in their first match, and got utterly slaughtered in their second one. We only found out later that they were playing a Welsh school team who had 3 Welsh national-team players. Yoww!

Anyway, yesterday Oscar's team won a game. And today they played a team and Offspring accidentally injured their Captain, who had to be whizzed off to hospital. Then they asked Offspring to take that guy's place in their next match.

Incredible, we are a bit proud...


Blogger Carol said...

Just discovered Expat Express and found your blog. I jumped right in since our family is moving to Dubai/Sharjah this Spring and we're trying to learn all we can about the area. Thanks for the laughs. I've beekmarked your cite and hope to return again soon.
We tired the same thing with Hash Browns and had a simular disaster. I'llsend you a recipie soon. We are American + Pakistani mixed family and really like the cosmopolitan mix of the UAE.

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