Friday, July 14, 2006

Blocked By Etisalat!

My thanks go to an anonymous reader for emailing me a heads-up about my previous post. It was displaying just fine on this main page, but if you tried to view it on its own, in the archive or to add a comment, it was blocked! I never thought I'd see the day. This article was only posted a few hours ago, and the supposition is that the combination of a synonym for 'no-cost' and a synonym for 'extremely warm' were to blame.

May I take this opportunity to extend my most humble apologies to Etisalat and, indeed, to the brave and noble population of the UAE for having offended their religious, cultural, political and moral values. And it only took two innocent little words to do it!

So I removed the offending words from the post, and instantly the page is available again. Which means that Etisalat have an extremely crude set of filters that look for banned words in page titles. Think I'll try a few experiments...

...a bit later. Right then, if your page title contains the phrase 'free hot', it triggers the 'site blocked' page. How chuffing pathetic is that?

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Blogger John B. Chilton said...

Odd, that.

10:22 pm  
Blogger Keefieboy said...

Actually, there's an oddity in Blogger: on my blog when you click a link from the archives or to view/add comments, the page url is something like

But other Blogger blogs I've looked at give a link like, so these would not be affected by Etishite's URL censorship.


10:32 pm  
Blogger Dubai Sunshine said...

I can't believe that! How dumb!

11:34 pm  
Blogger nzm said...

My archives URLs look like yours, Keefie.

I'll have to remember not to be suggestive or outright blatant with my title wording!

12:23 am  
Blogger Moey said...

now this is gay and etisalat is ever gayer (if there's such a word)

7:46 am  
Blogger Grumpy Goat said...

We should consider ourselves fortunate that subscribers can access their HoTMaiL accounts.

7:49 am  
Blogger Tainted Female said...

ROFL! I’m sorry Keefieboy. This is just too funny.

Who would've thought?

8:55 am  
Blogger Jin said...

Maybe Etisatwat thinks you're really hhhhhhot Keefieboy!!

9:45 am  
Blogger Jin said...

Maybe Etisatwat thinks you're really hhhhhhot Keefieboy!!

9:45 am  
Blogger MD said...

...there's always scope for Etisalat to beat its own record in being ridiculous.

12:19 pm  
Blogger Seabee said...

Every time you think it can't get any more bizarre they come up with an even better one! This one is the best yet.

5:22 pm  
Blogger samuraisam said...

keefie: as i've said for quite a while; don't swear in the title.
Other keywords that are banned are numerous.
As for blogger/ differences; in order to make a comment you HAVE to visit the page, this just holds comments and 0 content from your website, you cannot put a page counter on said page; there is also the comments section of each post on your blog where comments are syndicated from the page.

1:23 am  
Blogger Omni said...

That's pretty scary... !!!

Um; is there any particular reason you're no longer lined to me?

1:34 pm  
Blogger Keefieboy said...

Sam: since when has 'free hot' been considered swearing?
Omni: oops - binned you by mistake. You're back now.

2:00 pm  
Blogger samuraisam said...

Touche salesman; sorry I made an error in saying you'd swore.

Fact of the matter is the great monopoly of Etisalat probably thinks free is a naughty word!

7:05 pm  
Blogger Omni said...

What a relief... I thought I'd offended you somehow!! All's well in the blogosphere again. :-)

12:19 am  

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