Thursday, July 21, 2005

Adventuras en Espana

Greetings constant reader.

I am in Valencia, having an utterly splendid time - if you´ve never been here, you must give it a go, but bring your hiking boots! People are very friendly and relaxed, and not many of them speak English. We´ve had some very interesting conversations with a few Valencianos. Fortunately BetterArf took the trouble to learn a bit of Spanish before we came. I myself have complete mastery of the essential phrase ´una cerveza y una Jack Daniels y Coke, por favor´.

I´m sitting here in an Internet cafe in the old quarter of Valencia. Across the road is a public library built in and around the ruins of a very old hospital. I´m having a little bit of bother with the Spanish keyboard - the @ sign is particularly hard to find (you have to press the ´alt gr´ key at the same time).

I had a wonderful time in Dublin. The weather was mostly bright and sunny with temperatures reaching 26 degrees at times. On the last two days there it started getting a bit moody, and would go from brilliant sunshine to horizontal ice-cold rain in nanoseconds.

No such problems here in Spain, the sun has shone all day, and the temperature today peaked at 37. Fortunately we have an air-conditioned room.

We arrived in Valencia with our usual high level of forward-planning. We had not got round to booking any accommodaton, so the plan on arrival was to get a map, find the main railway station, and work outwards from there knowing that the hotels close to the station would be outside our budget, but eventually we would find one that we could afford, and then a bit after that we would find one we could afford and that had vacant rooms.

Same drill tomorrow: we are taking a train to Barcelona and should be sorted out by mid-afternoon. Wish me luck.

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