Monday, May 30, 2005

France Tells Chirac to Take a Hike

I think it's wonderful that the French pipple have rejected the proposed EU Constitution in a referendum held yesterday. I believe that Chirac was the brain cell behind the Constitution, and had crafted it so that France or any of the other big, old countries, could never be outmanoeuvred (Ithink that's French for 'throw the eggs away, man!') by any smaller or newer member country. Don't know, and don't much care.

It's a shame really. Spikking as a Brit, I support our membership of the EU 100%. Folks often talk about a 'United States of Europe' but I cannot see that ever happening - there's way too much history, national pride and just plain sovereignty for all of those EU members to allow themselves to be utterly subsumed into the bureaucratic nightmare that is the administration of the EU.

Anyhoo, the EU Constitution seems to be a dead thing, and Tony Blur has just announced that we Brits might have a referendum on it next Spring if the process is still dragging on. I thought they had to get 100% ratification from all 396 EU members for the Constitution to happen, which would make it DOA right now. I could be wrong, I frequently am.

It actually amazes me that France, of all places, opted to have a plebiscite (I love that word) on the issue. From what I'm hearing on the Beeb, people were not actually voting on the issue, they just wanted to give Chirac a well-deserved kick in the teeth. Democracy eh? Crazy stuff. Over to you Duffy.

Oh, and Chirac looks to be set to fire Prime Minister Raffarin! Ridiculous.


Anonymous PersonaNonGrata said...

Much as I would like to take issue wiv you, Keefie Boy, I can not! At least the French had a referendum and said NO! Sadly, like the Brits, the 54% voted against the things already they cannot control; cheap Polish/Latvian/Yugoslav labour! A bit like 'keeping the pound' in the UK! Keep the pound, who cares, but whether Sterling or Euro, cheap labour ALREADY has the right to work for less than you/us, so the Referendum did NOT address those issues which concern EU contributing voters! To those who wish to debate the issues, at least debate those issues that have not already been decided! PS, Damn I miss your sense of humour et 'bisous' à 'Better'arf'!

7:24 pm  
Blogger Duffy said...

Why Keefieboy, however did you know that I would comment on this one? ;-) I've heard a number of opinions ranging from "Giving Chirac the high hard one" to "No more foreigners" and even one speculating that the EU is too much capitalism and would force the reduction of the Nanny...sorry, welfare state which is anathemous to der froggies.

I'm confused why you would be in favor of a French "Non" while supporting the EU. I suppose it has to do w/ self-determination.

I don't have a dog in this fight but I don't see the EU as a good thing for Europe generally and think it's quite bad for the UK. As such, I'm against it. I think a united Europe is a weaker Europe. I'd favor something akin to the Commonwealth rather than an entrenched political class that is both unelected and unaccountable.

7:25 pm  
Blogger Keefieboy said...

Well, Duffy. I'm happy about the French vote because it forces the assorted Gubments to re-assess their situation. As far as I know, the EU administration is considered to be unaccountable and mysterious in its workings. I do not think it's a bad thing for Europe per se. And I certainly do not think that Britain could quit Europe and return to using the Commonwealth as its suppliers. That bridge has been burned for good and all.

I have to confess that I have never read the proposed Constitution (never read the Maastricht Treaty either).

Yet I feel that I can be in favour of the EU while at the same time not approving of the proposed Constitution. The point is that the proposed Constitution is not necessarily the best that could be achieved, and does not necessarily reflect the kind of EU that Europeans want to see.

That's all.

9:11 pm  
Blogger Duffy said... I get it.

To clarify: I wasn't proposing that the UK rely on the Commonwealth for it's supplies, rather that they should enter into trade treaties with other countries in a similar fashion to the way the commonwealth works. Some here are proposing adding the UK to NAFTA to undercut the EU.

By all appearances, France will see another vote until they get the "correct" answer. Much like Ireland.

12:37 am  

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