Saturday, April 16, 2005


I had a splendid day yesterday, attending Buddy Bill's Birthday Blowout. I had taken half a dozen cans of bierre, but it turned out they were surplus to requirements, so I had to bring them back again. I had attempted to take out the garbage before I left for this bash, but something had fermented at the bottom of the bin liner and was kinda leaking when pulled out of the sexy IKEA bin. So I left it.

When I get home after the soiree, I decide to take the entire bin out, plus a couple of carrier bags that had accumulated beside it over the last few days. I get down to the Molok, chuck in the bags and then attempt to empty the contents of the bin into it. Regrettably, I am too tired and emotional to hold onto our kitchen bin and so it goes into garbage hell along with its liner and the contents thereof. Bugger. It's too dark to see how far down it is (remember the Molok bin is about 3 metres deep). I am a bit distressed at the loss of the bin, and when I get back into the apartment I am even more distressed because I cannot find the cans of bierre that I had brought back from Bills. Dang. I assume that I have somehow taken them out with the rubbish and cast them into the pit of oblivion.

Up bright and early this morning, I have a quick look in the Molok. Joy, joy, happy joy, the garbage is only 3 or 4 feet below the top of the bin. While BetterArf holds the lid open, I am able to jump up onto the edge of the hole and lean down and retrieve the bin. But of the cans of bierre there is no sign. Hmmm. Half a result then.

Recounting these events with BetterArf this evening, she is puzzled about the missing bierre cans. She says, 'is that a different set of bierre cans from the set you put in the fridge when you got home yesterday?' Aaaaah. Result!!!