Monday, March 17, 2008

Hard Rock To Close in Three Months

Apparently the land that the Hard Rock Café stands on has been sold to somebody who wants to build a skyscraper, and we know how desperately Dubai needs more of those. So yet another Dubai landmark will be pulled down. There's a Facebook Group. As I remarked on there:

What a shock! I remember when HRC was first built, and I thought 'what a crap location'. Now it's in the heart of New Dubai. I think I left Dubai at the right time: the powers that be have no idea how to build a city: they only know how to build buildings (well, some of them know how to build buildings). But cities are about much more than the buildings that they are made of: they're about soul and culture and character. Dammit.

Anyone can join this group: I wouldn't expect it to make a difference, but it would be nice to think that the authorities do take a bit of notice. Not that the evidence bears this out, of course: the Exiles and Country Club gone, Satwa and Safa Park under threat. Surely there must come a point where you stop throwing away the good stuff that you have and replacing it with tacky and soulless rubbish? Oh, sorry, this is Dubai.

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Blogger manoj said...

I seriously do not unerstand what is the necessity of building another skyscraper...and does it have to be built on the same spot as hrc??...that sucks man..Dubai is getting crazy..As if the existing skyscrapers arent enough..I personally feel that facebook petitions arent going to make a big difference...but hey, i dont think we can do anything about it...good post..

2:18 pm  
Blogger Jayne said...

You said it keefie; Surely there must come a point where you stop throwing away the good stuff that you have and replacing it with tacky and soulless rubbish? Oh, sorry, this is Dubai.

It has become soulless & extremely tacky, which is why I avoid it like the plague.

4:55 pm  
Blogger NicoleB said...

Seems to be the norm here in the ME, no?
I have yet to see the HRC in Dubai, maybe next week when we come for the first time ;)
Do they at least serve a beer there?
I didn't go to the one here in Kuwait yet, Orange juice or coke in a HRC just doesn't do it for me ;)


7:46 pm  
Blogger Keefieboy said...

NicoleB: they most certainly do serve beer - it's Dubai, not Q8!

7:54 pm  
Blogger NicoleB said...

Well - I wasn't sure ;)

7:04 am  
Blogger Dominik MJ said...

Well - I doubt if Hard Rock Cafe is such a sacrifice!

I was always quite surprised about the doubtful bar taste here in Dubai... but I was once or twice in Hard Rock Cafe and doesn't need to go any further.

I mean - do you like it that much or is it only because it is around a while, and nobody would like to miss a spot, where the only thing what you really can do is to get pissed?

Sorry - but I really think, it is a improvement to tear down Hard Rock Cafe - and why not knock down Barasti on the same way...

10:50 pm  
Blogger Keefieboy said...

Dominik MJ: Yes, you can get pissed. You can also eat quite well and listen to great music and enjoy a fantastic atmosphere. Each to his / her own. You don't like it? Go somewhere else: no need to tear it down!

10:57 pm  
Blogger Single and Fabulous said...

The owner of Hard Rock Cafe is not selling it, he is the one who is tearing his own building and erecting a skyscraper in its place. I'm sure he did his home work and did the calculations necessary and found out that the skyscraper would generate more cash for him ! Do you blame him if he wants more than what he's getting right now?

8:17 pm  

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